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Printing and Publishing Company Botswana signs service contract with manroland Goss for optimal machine performance

manroland Goss and GWS Printing Systems B.V are pleased to announce their acquisition of Galred Europe B.V, a renowned and established trading house in the used packaging industry.

catalogues for searching spare parts are a thing of the past. manroland Goss enables easy ways for identifying spare pars via Partium app: use semantic text search, AI-driven image search and more to find your spare part. 

Plastic has become an indispensable material for the food industry. In addition to fresh foods being wrapped in plastic for protection, a growing number of people are turning to frozen foods and convenience meals.

Rethinking packaging printing: The focus is on the VARIOMAN packaging printing solution, which is pioneering the way for the future of printing thanks to proven manroland Goss technology.

Manroland Goss hosted a very special recruiting event under the motto "Printing Industry?!? More digital than you think. - Expect the Unexpected." For several years now, the company has been a member of the regional network "Talente für die Region" (Talents for the Region), which Christian Gebler established in southern Germany. This network connects students, universities, and regional companies with each other in order to keep the young talents of tomorrow in the region. The network meeting - this time in a loungey industrial atmosphere in the assembly hall in Augsburg - gave approximately 200 guests the opportunity to see the products, services and, above all, the people behind them live.